About Us

What is the Cadbury link?

The great-great-great grandfather of our founder, James, was John Cadbury, who first set up Cadbury's Chocolate back in 1824.    

John Cadbury created a tea dealer and coffee roaster in Birmingham. One of the luxury items they sold was drinking chocolate. His sons, Richard and George, took over the business in 1860 and revolutionised the British chocolate industry by buying a machine from the Netherlands that would refine cocoa so that there was no need to add starch and nasty chemicals to the chocolate.     

Taking inspiration from his family's past, James set up Love Cocoa in 2016 to transform the chocolate industry as his predecessors once had. Read our full story here : https://lovecocoa.com/pages/our-story

Where do you source your cocoa from?

We source our cocoa from a family-run business based in Bogota, Colombia, who have been in the cocoa farming industry for decades.   We prioritise sustainable and ethical practices at every step of the production process. You can read more about our sourcing here : https://lovecocoa.com/pages/sourcing-sutainability

Orders & Shipping

We will aim to process your order the following working day providing the order is placed on the portal before 12pm.

Orders placed after this time will be processed the following day for delivery on day 5.

We only accept orders for delivery within the UK.

Payment Terms

Shelf Life / BBEs

  • Bars - 9 months minimum
  • Drinking Chocolate  - 9 months minimum
  • Truffles  - 150 days minimum

Refunds & Returns

Goods should be inspected at the time of delivery and any damages or shortages must be reported within 3 days of receipt of the goods for a credit to be given. 

Photographs of damaged goods should always be supplied, and goods may be requested to be returned.

Stock Availability

We aim to keep most items in stock but please note that, where stock is not available, there may be a delay in fulfilling part or all of your order.